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Fruit bowl progression 3

June 17, 2014

The final render has been completed and I am not too disappointed with the results. With the lighting, all of the lights used were area lights which had intensities ranging from around 12 to 200, excluding the key light which had an intensity of 10,000. The tbench top could have been adjusted more so that the reflection of the texture was not as mirror like. However, I was aiming for a marble/granite type bench top which typically are polished surfaces. The grapes have improved since the last file and some of the textures seem to be working well. Although, I feel the grapes could be improved even more as they look a bit over exposed. The depth of field also gives the scene a slightly more realistic look. The texture for the fruit bowl itself could use some more work as I feel a lot of the detail I painted is lost and the textures themselves could have been painted better. The banana’s may have been textures too over the top with the amount of  damage painted in. The lighting I feel is quite close to the reference image, however, there could be some more light of the left side of the bowl. Some timing issues were encountered when texturing which caused a halt in the rendering pipeline, and in turn didn’t allow me to fix some of the issue in the render below. The fruit bowl could use quite a bit more work to get closer to a photo-realistic result, however the render did not turn out as bad as I though it would.

Final render

Final render


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