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Fruit bowl progression 2

June 17, 2014

I have moved away from using the sun and sky and instead used area lights all around the fruit bowl. This lighting setup was used to match the reference image I am lighting to. The reference image has very soft shadows which is why I am using area lights. I have also started to procedurally texture the grapes in the scene using the fast skin shader in Mental Ray to get some nice sub surface scattering.

Reference photo

Reference photo

Using area lights around bowl

Using area lights around bowl

Render of light setup

Render of light setup

I am fairly happy with how the lighting looks so far as it quite close the that reference image. The light intensity may need to be increased as the corners of the table look a bit too dark. The fruits behind the grapes (apple and pear) need to have a light linked to them as well as there is a harsh black shadow on them. The top of the fruit bowl handle needs to be lit more as there are black shadows that shouldn’t be so harsh. So far I think the lighting is fairly strong despite the few dark areas. The grape procedural needs some work as I feel that the SSS effect isn’t as strong as it should be. The switch node is working well for the grapes and the color of the grapes isn’t too bad. I’m aiming to fix the lighting as well as the scattering for the grapes. From there I can move on to texturing the rest of the fruits and adjusting lights accordingly.



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