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Fruit bowl progression 1

June 17, 2014

In the initial stages of the fruit bowl rendering assessment, various lighting setups were created so that I had different lighting effects and different ways I could approach lighting the fruit bowl.  I started with the ‘Physical Sun & Sky’ lighting method and using a portal light to bring the light and sky inside the room of the fruit bowl. This lighting solution used natural light as a key source of illumination. I also created an artificial light setup using a cylindrical area light which acted as a fluorescent tubing light and a normal spot light which acted as an overhead kitchen light.

progression 1

Using the Physical Sun and Sky

Using sun and sky

Using sun and sky

area light and spot light

area light and spot light

Using spot light and area light

Using spot light and area light

I like the effect that the artificial setup is giving, however I want to pursue the natural sun method which may give an overall realistic render. Currently, I’m not happy with how the sun lighting looks. The position  of the sun needs to be changed so that the scene is set in a brighter time of day. The shadows are also very dark and the shadow in the middle of the fruit bowl is very distracting.  I am happy with how the sun and sky is able to be seen in the reflection of the tiles as it gives the scene more life. The shadow caused from the window in the scene could also be softer. The camera angle also needs some work if I want the window reflection to be seen well in the tiles.  The spot light in the artificial setup could also have a larger penumbra to soften out the edges of the light. However, as this is an experimental stage in the process, I’m fairly happy with the results so far although a lot more needs to be done.



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