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Rough Stone Texture

March 23, 2014

To create a rough stone texture, the same process of ‘pulling focus’ was used just like the marble texture. The texture was made using a Wacom pen and tablet. A 2048 by 2048, 300 pixels/inch resolution document was opened in Photoshop. On a new layer, I used the ‘paint bucket tool’ and filled the layer with a mid-tone, low saturation, neutral blue.


step 01

When painting stone, it is best to use cool netural colours like blue. Then on a new layer, a darker value colour of the fill colour was selected, and using a brush that will create a random pattern, I did the underpainting for the texture. The underpainting was created by randomly blocking in shapes that represented the rough texture of stone.

step 02

step 02

Using the same brush but with a smaller size, cracks were painted in on a new layer.

step 03

step 03

On another layer, more details of cracks and crevices were painted in using variations of the colour chosen at the beginning of the painting.


step 04

Then on the final layer, dark shadow areas of the stone were painted in.


step 05

On the layer where the cracks and crevices were painted, I used a ‘layer style’ of ‘bevel and emboss’ with the bevel direction set to down to add some depth to the texture. This was done by double clicking on the layer with the cracks and selecting ‘bevel and emboss’ from the menu.

step 06

step 06


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