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Marble Texture

March 22, 2014

The process for the marble texture was painted in Photoshop using the ‘pulling focus’ technique where big brushes are used to block in very rough colours and values, then progressively using smaller brushes to refine and add detail. Pulling focus comes from the idea that the painting in its initial stages is out of focus, then as detail is added using smaller brushes, the painting starts to come into focus revealing the complete image. This texture was made using a Wacom pen and tablet.

In a new document 2048 pixels by 2048 pixels, the first blocking stages of the marble texture was created. This was done using a large sized ‘soft round’ brush with the ‘texture’ attribute on in the brush menu. The texture pattern used in the brush was one created earlier from a traditional paint swatch. The texture pattern was tested until I was happy with the effect it was giving me.


Testing the pattern

The brush used for the blocking stage also had an opacity of 30% and flow of 70%. A neutral, low saturation blue colour was chosen for the blocking stages of the texture. Using the brush tool, I painted in a random pattern trying to simulate the look of marble.


marble step 01

A new layer was then created and using the same brush but a smaller size, with an opacity of 50% the veins and cracks were painted.


marble step 02

A new layer was created on top of the veins layer to create more texture using the brush with a low opacity and increased brush size.


marble step 03

More details were painted by creating a new layer and using a darker blue colour with a small brush size to bring out some areas of the marble. The ‘smudge tool’ was used at the end to blend some of the areas which I thought needed to be toned down.


marble step 04


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