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Reflect on a historical technique compared to a contemporary/technique style

June 19, 2013

Music and sound has played a large part in the production of films and have helped create various atmospheres and set the tone of scenes. However, music and sound was not present in films during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This was the era of silent films where films were black and white and instead of audible dialogue, story was told through movement. Although there was no music in the films, music was present during the screenings of these films where live sound and music would be played in the theatre by an accompanying organist or pianist. Due to the absence of sound and dialogue, actors in silent films had to show dialogue through exaggerated movements and expressions to make sure that audiences could understand what was happening in the film. This can be seen in contrast to modern times where contemporary music and sound can be used in a scene with no dialogue and action and be used to express emotion to audiences.Contemporary music and sound has shaped modern cinema by allowing additional atmospheres and moods to be conveyed. For example, sound can be used to enforced emotions such as suspense or boredom and can even be used independently from music.


From → Screen Studies

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