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Mechanical arm research

June 18, 2013

The first assignment received from the 3D Artistry class was to “Design, model, texture and light a 3D Mechanical Arm” and then animate a 30 second animation with the arm interacting with a box in a self made environment. This brief was open ended with what design was required, however it did have requirements and limitations including to reflect on a certain genre such as sci-fi or fantasy,  use polygons only, and use at least a 3 point lighting system to name a few.

When starting the Mechanical arm project, I had a small idea of what I wanted to create. I knew I wanted to have something that resembled and actual arm and hand, however I was unsure as to what genre I wanted to portray. So naturally, the first thing I did was to conduct some research. I also drew a concept of what I may want to create, but scrapped the idea as I thought it looked too Steam-punk.  The following images are the various references I used in making the final mechanical arm.


A concept I did of a mechanical hand

During my research, I became interested in the design of the mechanical arm used in the ‘Terminator’ films. The design suited the hand concept I had, so therefore the ‘Endo arm’ from the Terminator film was used as the main reference of my mechanical arm. The other reference images were used as inspiration for any ‘extras’ on my 3D arm such as various power cords and or tubes etc.


The ‘Endo Arm’ from the iconic ‘Terminator’ film


A model replica of the ‘Endo Arm’ from the iconic ‘Terminator’ film


The ‘Endo Arm’ from the iconic ‘Terminator’ film


Film memorabilia of the ‘Terminator’


The resin made fingers of an endo arm creation kit


The same fingers as above with a chrome paint added


‘I Robot Arm’ artwork created by Deviant Art artist ‘ChainsawDeathRiot’


Industrial type robotic arm


The robotic arm made for Annakin from Star Wars


Original robot mech arm created by artist Ryan Watkins


Endo arm film prop


Endo arm film prop


A fan made ‘Autodesk Maya’ endo arm


Robotic arm concept art by Deviant Art artist ‘frost7’


Endo arm Terminator display kit


Endo arm Terminator display kit


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