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Mechanical arm proper

June 18, 2013

The images below are the proper version of the mechanical arm which I did not scrap and continued to work with over the weeks leading up to the assessment date. This object was the forearm of my mechanical arm, and was created using the poly cylinder and pipe. The extruded tool was used to add the extras on the base such as the ventilation vents. Extruded was also used for the pipes. There were 4 piston type objects created for the forearm: 3 thin and 1 large. This was what was going to support the hand base as seen below. This model was made using the reference image of the endo arm from the Terminator, however aesthetically, there were some changes like with the forearm base.

Hours of work = 4 hours


Forearm base


Creating pistons using cylinders and pipes


Created pistons along with aesthetic extrudes on the forearm base


Adding a ventilation system on the back of the base


The hand base being created along with more extrudes done on the forearm base to create panels


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