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Mechanical arm Environment

June 18, 2013

To make the environment, I created a poly cube and scaled it up until it contained the mechanical arm. I then went into component mode and selected faces so I could extrude them as show below. I textured the extruded parts of the environment separately to the entire cube so that the entire environment was not one texture. The environment used a fractal pattern.

Hours of work= 1 hour 30 minutes


Creating poly cube to make environment


Extruding faces of cube

For the floor of the environment, I used a file texture of a metal panel .  I used a free sci-fi texture which I found from the following website:
The texture was then repeated so there were more panels. I also used the file texture as a bump map to create depth.

I created a poly cube and put a file texture of that to create a cardboard box. I also used the same file texture for the bump map. The cardboard texture was also free and was found from


Using file texture for the floor


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