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Mechanical arm claws/blades

June 18, 2013

Initially I was worried about how to create the Wolverine style claws/blades using polygons, however i used a technique which was taught in my 3D Artistry class where you can create a NURBS object and convert it to polygons. I first obtained a reference image of one of Wolverine’s blades which I can use to model the claws. I then went into the top orthographic view and used the CV curve tool to create and outline of the blade. When that was completed, I created rectangles using a NURBS circle with a linear degree and lowered sections. I then positioned them one by one next to each other like the image below shows. I then selected the rectangles in order and used a loft to create the 3D geometry. I then converted them to polygons.

Hours of work= 1 hour


Using the reference image and the loft tool
Image was found from


The NURBS surface created after lofting


The polygon version of the NURBS surface


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