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Mechanical arm base

June 18, 2013

After I had built the forearm, I needed to create a way for the arm to interact with the box. So I created a simple mechanism that will allow the arm to move down.  It was made using a simple poly cube with a bend deformer to create a curved cube. The bolts were just duplicates of ones I had made before and scaled up.

Hours of work= 4 hours


Making the joint mechanism that will move the forearm

I added a containment unit made out of glass underneath the base. This was added in as I planned to have dynamic electricity moving within this unit, however, I opted out of using electricity as I did tests with the lightning effect and did not like how it turned out.


The joint mechanism built along with the whole arm base

I added some tubes at the base which would be connected to the power source of the base and power the entire arm system.


Tubes/pipes on the base of the mechanical arm which will act as a power source

I made 2 other variants of the base/power source using a poly cylinder and extrude tool. I obtained feedback from family and ended up choosing the first base.


Different variants of the base


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