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First mechanical arm attempts

June 18, 2013

These are my first attempts at the mechanical arm that I played around with. This was done before I obtained the reference images as I wanted to see if I could come up with a completely original design. The design directly below consists of about 6 poly cylinders and 2 poly pipes which were just scaled in the XYZ axis’. This was intended to be used as either the base of the arm or part of the forearm. The 2 cylinders above the oval shaped cylinder were going to be used as a exhaust system where steam or smoke was to expelled from.  However, I could not come up with any ideas for what to do next so I scrapped this design. This object took me about 30 minutes to create.


Attempt at mechanical arm- Autodesk Maya 2013

The design below was the second attempt at the mechanical arm using the sketch I created as the design I followed. I thought the model looked to flimsy, especially with the fingers and I did not like the look of the hand so decided to scrap this model also. The hand base was made using a poly cube whilst the fingers were made with a combination of the poly cube and poly cylinder. This model took 40 minutes to create.


Second attempt at mechanical arm using original sketch as followed design- Autodesk Maya 2013

The model below was my third attempt at the mechanical arm and was going to be used for the base of the hand. It was constructed using a poly pipe, poly cylinder, and the extruded tool. I scrapped this design because I thought I would have problems with animating the object, for example being able to grab and pick up a box. The was due to the cylindrical shape of the base. I did scale the pipe to be smaller, however it looked strange.


Third attempt at mechanical arm- Autodesk Maya 2013


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