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Mise en scene film deconstruction

May 8, 2013

Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) preparing to kill Tin-Tin

The scene depicted above is from the film “The Crow” directed by Alex Proyas.  This scene is from the introductory part of the film where the main character ‘Eric Draven’ (Brandon Lee) prepares to take revenge against a gangster who murdered him and his fiancé. This shot uses a variety of mise en scene elements to form the composition, such as lighting, costume and makeup, and character action.

Lighting is used in this shot to create a mysterious, dark, and frightening atmosphere. This is achieved by the absence of light on a lot of the background, midground , foreground, and on the character. The lighting in this shot not only gives the setting a dangerous feel but it also adds mystery and danger to the character.

Costume and makeup is used in this shot to intimidate and terrify the audience.  The main character Eric is seen with pale makeup on his face and wearing dark clothing. In conjunction with the lighting, the character is given a very ghostly look intended to cause fear.

Character action (stage direction) in this shot is used to intimidate. Director Alex Proyas does this by having the main character walk slowly and steadily with his chest slightly forward towards the camera.


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